TheGoodOldDayz Server hosted by Ricky since 14th Febuary 2014.

Last updated: 17th June 2018
These are the raw values copied from our server. Sometimes we make tweaks and these settings may not be updated right away.
Some settings may degrade gameplay but have to be set for the size and how long we run the server for without wipes or prevent greifing. In short, they are set the way they are for reasons.
You may kindly suggest settings to be changed, Steamgroup/Discord and if plenty of players agree it may go through.
Some players can be quite demanding with how I set my servers so my advice to those people is, make your own server or find a server that better suits your needs.
I accept that I cannot please everybody and it was never my intention as the server was originally hosted for myself with everyone else being welcome.

My Admin game name is Rickyd1, I do not play on my admin account, if you see me then I'm probably busy doing something.
We also have 3 other Admins that don't wish to be named. Admins are not allowed to play on their account.
So it is very rare the normal and well behaved players will see us, as it should be.

Lastly i do take donations, as i pay to keep it running out of my own pocket. You can do so with Paypal: ( or [] ).
Donations help with costs such as bills and hardware replacements of the server, i will never sell or "gift" anything.
The reason I got into hosting is because I don't like playing servers that run a market place or where players bribe admins. It has made me more understanding running a server, but it still degrades the experience for the normal user.
Ironically that comes at a cost to me, to run a server 24/7 with professional high grade hardware and relying on charity often covers no where near the realistic day to day costs.
So for each $10 donated, as a thankyou, i double the experience on the server for a week. Everyone will benefit from your generosity helping with the server costs.

Server Specs:

Processing Power: Duel Intel Xeons @ 2.60GHz - Total: 12 Cores with 24 Threads.
Memory: 128GB ECC DDR3 1333Mhz in Quad-Channel.
Storage: x16 3TeraByte WestenDigital Reds in RAID6 with 1GB Battery backuped DDR3 RAM cache.
Network Bandwidth: Duel 100Mbps up/down.

Links & Info:

[Start Project Zomboid and join the Server]

[TheGoodOldDayz HARDMODE Server Settings]

[TheGoodOldDayz Discord]
[TheGoodOldDayz Facebook]
[TheGoodOldDayz Steam Group]
[Server Banlist]

Guides & Help:
Project Zomboid Map
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Official Links:
[Project Zomboid Steam]
[Project Zomboid Website]
[Project Zomboid Steam Stats]

PZ PVE Server Info:

nightlengthmodifier=0.75 - 25% brighter (outside only), at night.
PVP=false - nobody can be hurt by other players, unless both players manually turn off safety.
PauseEmpty=true - Pause time when empty.
GlobalChat=true - This is enable because i want people to be social in a PvE server. Though it does ruin some of the atmosphere. It helps create a more social friendly server. Lets just pretend everyone has a phone and 4G still works.
ShowSafety=true - This is set to true for people that might want to hit each other for some reason.
SpawnItems=Base.KitchenKnife,Base.Watermelon - Zombie crisis, and you grab a Knife and a Melon? well this should help as food/drink is hard to find. Don't eat it all at once! Don't eat the knife.
Mods= - Maybe one day we will have a modded server but this one will always be vanilla.
Map=Muldraugh, KY - Default map.
MaxPlayers=32 - Had to cap when the vehicle patch dropped.
HoursForLootRespawn=4 - Loot will also spawn fresh on server restarts with our cleanup script.
NoFireSpread=true - This will never be changed. PvE Reasons, Anti Greifing, Long-Term Map.
NoFire=true - This will never be changed.
AnnounceDeath=true - Allows people to pay their respects. rip.
MinutesPerPage=0.2- I like to try keep the game a bit grindy, reading speed should go well with in-game time, realistically, hopefully?
PlayerSafehouse=true- command "/safehouse release" is a nice command to release your safehouse from afar.
SafehouseAllowTrepass=false- adds an invisible wall for non prohibited players.
SafehouseAllowLoot=false- prevents players not part of the claim looting.
SafehouseAllowRespawn=true- respawn at your safehouse upon death.
SafehouseDaySurvivedToClaim=5 - in game days. Hopefully enough time to stop noobs/alts claiming the wrong areas.
SafeHouseRemovalTime=240 - If you do not visit your claim in 10 IRL days you will lose it, logging in does not reset it, you must stand within the claim.
SleepAllowed=false - Tested it out, but it is not good for a big/public server.
HoursForWorldItemRemoval=12.0 - It's 1 Hour IRL time. There is allot of messy looters, I like to keep the server clean. It also has performance benefits. Will not despawn if players are new by.
WorkshopItems=- This is where you put workshop IDs but we are vanilla.
Faction=true - PvP setting? Either way it's fun to have friendly factions?
FactionDaySurvivedToCreate=1- Requires 2 hours to create a faction.
FactionPlayersRequiredForTag=3- Number of faction members needed before letting the owner create a special tag.
AllowTradeUI=true - PvE Reasons and it's just nicer.
SteamScoreboard=true- Allows you to press ESC and press View players, you can open Steam profiles and add them to friends and such.
SteamVAC=true- Valve Anti-Cheat.
ItemNumbersLimitPerContainer=125 - Capped to prevent lag and keep map files smaller (Sorry).

Voice Chat:

VoiceEnable=true- Allows you to talk locally, i do not think Radios work sadly, if they do please correct me.
VoiceComplexity=5 - Quality, i couldnt notice a difference so i left it default.
VoicePeriod=40 - Slightly higher delay to help people with poor connection.
VoiceSampleRate=24000 - Default.
VoiceBuffering=8000 - Default.
VoiceMinDistance=15.0 - Minimum distance for voice volume to start fading.
VoiceMaxDistance=45.0 - Max distance to hear voice chat.
Voice3D=true - Directional voice chat, fade off did not seem to work when this was disabled.
Did allot of testing with multiple computers to try get the best effect. You can see a visual here: [Visual Range Audio.jpg]

Sandbox stuff:

Zombies = 3,
Distribution = 1, - 1 will spawn more in towns, 2 will allow zombies to spawn more often everywhere?
WaterShutModifier = -1,
ElecShutModifier = -1,
Alarm = 6,- Set high, but mostly because it seems broken, it used to work?
LockedHouses = 5- Quite high because i assume people would lock their doors.
FoodRotSpeed = 3,
FridgeFactor = 4, - food will last abit longer in the fridge.
LootRespawn = 2,- Loot Respawns every day, However it's more complicated than that.
Temperature = 3, - Default setting due to winter/summer temperature and lack of clothing types. So changing it would be harsh.
Rain = 3, - Default setting, more rain helps farming, to much, too annoying.
ErosionSpeed = 5, - highest setting (500 days) because we're a long term server.
CompostTime = 1,
Farming = 4,- Crops will take slightly longer to grow.
PlantResilience = 1,- Crops made more resilient so they are more likely to survive when you're offline.
PlantAbundance = 1,- Because it's easy to farm the abundance is set to low.
NatureAbundance = 2,- slightly harder to live off nature.
FoodLoot = 1, - Low, to encourage players to grow and forage for food.
WeaponLoot = 2,
OtherLoot = 2,
XpMultiplier = 2.0,
StatsDecrease = 2, - Slightly increase eating/drinking required for extra difficulty, it's ok to beg for food, thats how friendships are formed.
EndRegen = 4,- Slightly Slower Stamina Regen for extra difficulty. More care needs to be taken when sprinting.
DayLength = 4, - 2 Hours, Main Reason for this is allot of settings are based on game hours. It's a setting to balance everything.
Helicopter = 3, - Adds abit of randomness and funny to see the chat tbh >:).
MetaEvent = 3, - Whos that shooting? Adds abit of randomness.
SleepingEvent = 1,- Singleplayer setting? We don't use sleeping so we can ignore this.
GeneratorSpawning = 5, - Increased spawns due to ammount of players we have.
GeneratorFuelConsumption = 0.01,
AllowExteriorGenerator = true,
SurvivorHouseChance = 4,
AnnotatedMapChance = 4,
CharacterFreePoints = 5, - 5 to start with is not too unbalanced right? You're playing PZ and smart, so you deserve it.
ConstructionBonusPoints = 4, - Structure is a little stronger than normal.
NightDarkness = 4, - Because the day cycle is quite long, its a little brighter outside at night, It's still very dark in some areas thats not sun/moon lit.
InjurySeverity = 2, - Default setting.
BoneFracture = true, - Long term server, so you can enjoy your injury long term too, if you don't die that is. :)
HoursForCorpseRemoval = 4, 20 mins IRL, clean up for better performance, If players are near by corpses will not despawn.
DecayingCorpseHealthImpact = 2, - Players will suffer slight health inpacts if standing around corpses too long.
BloodLevel = 1,
ClothingDegradation = 1,- Off.
FireSpread = false, - This will never be changed, because we're a PvE server and it's a major grief tool for those that might want to cause harm to our players.
DaysForRottenFoodRemoval = 12, - After 12 Days(24 hours IRL), Food will clear up when its rotten from inside containers.

Vehicle Settings:

CarSpawnRate = 2,
ChanceHasGas = 1,
InitialGas = 2,
CarGasConsumption = 2.25, - Yes this is perhaps unrealistic but it's to add more of a challenge.
LockedCar = 5,
CarGeneralCondition = 1,
CarDamageOnImpact = 3,
TrafficJam = false,
CarAlarm = 2,
PlayerDamageFromCrash = false,
SirenShutoffHours = 0.1,
RecentlySurvivorVehicles = 1,
EnableVehicles = true,
SpeedLimit=50.0 - Capped due to size of our server and how aggresive the map compression is on the CPU, something the devs need to fix.

Zombie Stuff:

PopulationMultiplier = 0.93,
PopulationStartMultiplier = 0.93,
PopulationPeakMultiplier = 0.93,
PopulationPeakDay = 365, - Not important on our server.
RespawnHours = 2.0,
RespawnUnseenHours = 0.2,
RespawnMultiplier = 0.31,
RedistributeHours = 12,
FollowSoundDistance = 24,
ZombieAttractionMultiplier = 0.24, - Zombies reacting to vehicle engine noise.
RallyGroupSize = 12, - Max wandering herd size, this is not the case when responding to noise, smell or visual.
RallyTravelDistance = 20, - How far they travel to party. it's about 10 character lengths?
RallyGroupSeparation = 24,- How far they seperate from other groups?
RallyGroupRadius = 12,- Denseness.


Speed = 2
Strength = 2 - Normal.
Toughness = 1 - Stronger.
Transmission = 3 - Seems cool at first right? but we're a long term server and we don't want players getting annoyed for the 10th time with transmission because of 1 unlucky hit perhaps due to lag, it just does not seem fair.
Cognition = 2 - Zombies Navigate.
Memory = 2 - Normal memory.
Decomp = 4 - Disabled because we're a long term server.
Sight = 2 - Zombies have default vision.
Hearing = 2 - Zombies have the default hearing.
Smell = 2 - Zombies have default sense of smell.
ThumpNoChasing = true
ThumpOnConstruction = true
ActiveOnly = 1 - Seems to make zombies look laggy, but are not(might be a SP thing). So we left it as normal.

Whitelisted Items from cleanup: